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Angel's wings
11 January 2017

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American in Havana
25 January 2012

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Friends and neighbours
17 September 2011

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fatal attraction
11 June 2011

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9 March 2011

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Last of the Buzkashi
12 March 2010

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11 January 2010

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going totally organic
5 December 2009

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26 September 2009

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14 June 2009

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Local industry
4 June 2008

Recent Comments

David on Every picture tells the story
I am guessing he is not an Afghan?

David on Through their eyes...
Very sweet. She looks Irish. Is she Pashtun or Tajik?

Steven on Angel's wings
Nice shot. Such a warm blue tone.

Robert D. Burr on Angel's wings
Lovely abstract

L'Angevine on Angel's wings
oh superbe ces couleurs et courbes

L'angevine on No sky is the limit

L'Angevine on All things are beautiful !

vz-nostalgia on Unknown
Oh... You are still in Afghanistan, Ms. Natalia. I lost track of you for a few years. :-)

L'Angevine on Unknown

Steven Palubinski on Wonderment
The good neighbour!

Peta on sAlAm!
Aleikum salam! What a simply heartening blog .... I am having a VERY slow and extremely educative look at your ...

omid on Horses
wow! very nice! so so beautiful colors & lights! Lovely!

shervin on From the bottom of his heart

oveis on Love never fails

DarkElf on Love never fails
superb calm mood, great composition and excellent balance!

L'angevine on Love never fails
intéressant paysage

Akbar&Armaghan on Love never fails

destani on Love never fails
Great shot ! Wonderful reflective ! 5*****

sawsengee on Love never fails
beautiful panorama with lovely colours, water reflection & view

Aubélia on Love never fails
Beautiful light and reflections.

Akbar&Armaghan on When sky kisses the earth
بسیار عکس زیبایی است درود

omid on Last breath of winter
woow! very nice & so beautiful!

Akbar&Armaghan on Spring in Afghanistan
خیلی زیباست

L'angevine on Almond tree blossoms
on dirait une peinture avec l'effet sur les arbres colorés

Jeremy on Almond tree blossoms
Very nice!

destani on Almond tree blossoms
Excellent ! 5*****

Dimitrios on Almond tree blossoms

omid on Almond tree blossoms
so beautiful colors! Lovely!

Akbar&Armaghan on Almond tree blossoms

~~~Ann~~~ on Almond tree blossoms

михаил on Flowers
Замечательные фотографии,Спасибо Наталья

omid on Flowers
very nice portrait! Beautiful colors & lights! Lovely!

omid on Salang Pass
wooow! very nice & wonderful! so beautiful shadows!

Kate on Salang Pass
Wow!! This is amazing, the shadow is outstanding!!

Stu on Salang Pass
Stunning! Very well done.

Natalia on Sky on fire
That's Colorado for you! How is the sky in the desert?

Steve Palubinski on Sky on fire
Such a disturbed sky! It's pulling in all directions.

shervin on Flowers
تصویر زیبایست

SalSa on The art of war
Great frame

SalSa on Flowers
Life is life dear Natalia ....wherever you live you must enjoy from the life . Very interesting photo and nice info

l'Oeillibre on Afghan landscape
perfect image and beautiful

ahmad on Easter morning
Beautiful picture, one small question though. Did you happen to enhance the colors in this image, and these are the ...

kathleen on Magic of Colorado
I find it so amazing how the timing of color changes in the high-elevations of CO are the same as my woods here in ...

omid on Afghan landscape
wooow! very nice & so beautiful!!! Lovely!

Mariana M. on Afghan landscape
Beautiful frame !

omid on Morning has broken

Basile Pesso on Morning has broken
Magnificent picture of this pigeon-cat called Stevens.

Frédéric on First steps
Merci Natalia pour vos photos. Elles permettent de ne pas oublier qu'un enfant reste le même où ...

Frédéric on A boy's best friend
Bravo ! Très belle photo ! Vous avez parfaitement capturer le naturel et la spontanéité des ...

vz-nostalgia on Odd couple
How did you manage to get to Cuba, Ms. Natalia? As far as I know, American government does not allow Americans to ...

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